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Donald C. Urfer & Associates, Inc. Civil and Structural Engineers 

What We Are About

Donald C. Urfer & Associates is dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible engineering design solutions for their projects. The firm’s mission is to generate a set of instructions for the build phase that not only conforms to code, but is also clear, comprehensive, and cost-effective.

Code:  With our detailed knowledge of state and local building codes, we provide complete and detailed plans to minimize the time-consuming back-and-forth that can occur with local County Plan-Check departments, or state entities like the DSA.


Clarity:  We know that the design solutions that we generate should be as clear as possible, to minimize questions or misunderstandings that might arise among the construction managers and subcontractors who are tasked with following the instructions that we have created. Our draftsman Barry Ewing is considered an artist for the effective manner in which he translates our design solutions into clear blueprint plans.


Comprehensiveness:  Knowing that certain issues arise and certain questions are asked during the build phase of a project, we strive to deal with those issues before they arise, and answer those questions before they are asked, in order to minimize the potential for work-stopping Requests for Information. This makes for a smoother and more efficient build process.


Cost-effectiveness:  The more complex the project, the more different permutations of engineering design solutions there are that conform to code.

The engineering staff at Urfer and Associates has the experience, expertise, and institutional culture required to tease through the options and find the most cost-effective combination of solutions for any particular project.


We are certain that the attention that we give to the code, clarity, comprehensiveness, and cost-effectiveness of our design solutions saves our clients both time and money over the course of their projects.

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